Thursday, June 30, 2011

Noche En Vía, A Night to remember!

Change is something that we have to do everyday. Everyday we have an opportunity to make things better, but Noche En Vía was an exception. It was perfect! We were able to show how hard everyone is working and collaborating with the communities of Teotitlan del Valle and Diaz Ordaz to make Fundación En Vía possible.

During Noche En Vía, last Thursday night, I was very proud to be part of a project in which people from different cultures, idiosyncrasis and backgrounds have collaborated together to make the lives of many families from Teotitlan and Diaz Ordaz a little better and I would like to thank them all for such a great night.

The Team that made this night possible

Andy Healy, Carli Blankenship, Chris McCoy, Heather Hutcheson, Susan Aycock, Kristen Thomasson, Erik Johnson, Liz Patel, Jessica Lawrence, Naomi Harper, Armando Josue Angel Ramirez, Samantha Wattson, Shelley Tennyson,Yu-Ting Lin, Alonso Gorozpe, Erika Moreno, Sofia Etchegaray, Erik Carlberg, Kim Groves, Shauna Dillavou, Flor Salazar, Pritha Dev, Julia Turnbull, Mikhail Kaler, Mae Wiskin, and Chonita Ruiz.

I wish everyone (Volunteers, Friends, Staff) that has made Fundación En Vía possible was there last Thursday night, but especially I wish Emily Berens was there because without her help and great work Fundación En Vía wouldn't be what it is today! She deserved to be that last thursday night celebrating with us.

I would also like to thank the people from Cafe Central who contributed such a great venue for our first En Vía event. 

Noche En Vía was full of good stories and I would like to share some of them with you.

Sam opened our presentations by talking about our Microfinance program


Shelley and Erik presented the business training program "Como manejar el dinero de su negocio" which was given to Fundación En Vía by Freedom from Hunger's branch in Mexico "Alcance"

Susan Aycock presented the English Program, which thanks to her help and that of dozens of other volunteers, we now have a succussful English program with a wonderful curriculum that serves the artisans and children of Teotitlan del Valle.


Alo Gorozpe presented the graphic design program in which he works with Sofia and Erika to design the corporate image of many of our entrepreneurs. Alo, Sofia and Erika are all part of Universidad Iberoamericana's social work program.

Teresa Lopez Montaño, Josefina Guzman and Amelia Ruiz presented their projects and spoke about the differece Fundación En Vía has made in their business, and the growth they've experienced! Thanks to Cafe Central this women were able to sell their handcrafts at the event!

Aquilina and Soledad (Doña Chole) sold Quesadillas on the terrace of Cafe Central - another excellent way to support them!

I had a blast last thursday night, but if I had to say what was the best part of the night. I would say it was the performance of "Güilli Ska." A brand new band from Teotitlan del Valle who played their first gig during Noche En Vía, they played beautifuly.


 DJ Betina from Mexico City closed an amazing night playing electronic music!

Last but not least I would like to thank all the people who joined us during Noche En Vía for their support and help. It encourages us, and keeps us moving forward with our programs!




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